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Výzkumná skupina Františka Foreta

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Telefon: +420 532 290 242
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Masarykova univerzita - CEITEC MU

Research areas

  • Capillary separations
  • Mass spectrometry coupling
  • Miniaturisation
  • Single cell analysis

Main objectives

Development of novel techniques for the separation and analysis of nucleic acids, proteins, small bio active molecules & drugs and their complexes based on electrophoretic and microfluidic systems, electrochemical and optical methods and nanotechnologies.

Content of research

Exploring new ways of achieving enhancements in resolution, sensitivity and selectivity of analyses. Utilization of theoretical and instrumental approaches for the development and applications of microfluidics, nanotechnologies and novel chemistries. Research of novel techniques for the separation and analysis of nucleic acids, proteins, small bioactive molecules and drugs and their complexes using electrophoretic and microfluidic systems coupled with electrochemical, optical and mass spectrometric methods.

  • Microseparation systems for the analysis of biomolecules will be developed utilising combination of microfluidic chips and structured nanoparticles including quantum dots, magnetically activated tags; enzymatic and nanoparticle modified monolithic supports.
  • New detection principles, based on surface signal enhancement (e.g. surface plasmon, Raman, fluorescence, electrochemistry) will be combined with the newly developed separations. These technologies and instrumentation will be developed for joint applications with other investigators at CEITEC.
  • Technologies for microanalyses of proteins and their glycosylation will be focused on the combination of electrochemistry, microfludic biosensors and mass spectrometry for analysis of limited sample quantities. The ultimate goal of single-cell analysis will be aimed at potential application in cancer detection.

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Ing. František Foret, CSc.
Vedoucí výzkumné skupiny
+420 532 290 242
doc. RNDr. Petr Kubáň, Ph.D.
Výzkumný pracovník
+420 532 290 142
Lucie Němcová
+420 54949 4482
Mgr. Júlia Lačná
+420 532 290 232
Mgr. Pavol Ďurč
Externí spolupráce
+420 532 290 232
Mgr. Michal Greguš, Ph.D.
PhD student
+420 532 290 232



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  • Center for advanced bioanalytical technologies (GBP206/12/G014), Czech Science Foundation - Projects for promotion of excellence in basic research, 2012 - 2018
  • New methods of analysis of proteins and their glycosylation in cancer – combination of electrochemistry, microfludic biosensors and mass spectrometry (GAP301/11/2055), Czech Science Foundation - Standard Grants, 2011 - 2015
  • Vytvoření multidisciplinárního výzkumného a vzdělávacího centra bioanalytických technologií (CZ.1.07/2.3.00/20.0182), MEYS - OP Education for Competiteveness, 2012 - 2014
  • OnkoDetect – system for early detection of cancer markers in peripheral blood of patients (TA02010672), Technology Agency of the Czech Rep. - ALFA, 2012 - 2016


The current research infrastructure includes instrumentation for mass spectrometry and the separation and characterization of biomolecules.

1. Application of modern microcolumn separation methods coupled to mass spectrometry for analysis of non-invasive biological samples

Supervisor: doc. RNDr. Petr Kubáň, Ph.D.
Consultants: Ing. František Foret, CSc.


Current clinical analysis relies mainly on the analysis of invasively acquired samples, such as blood, blood serum, blood plasma, cerebrospinal fluid etc. In recent years, the use of non-invasively acquired, alternative samples has seen a significant scientific interest since such a sample can be obtained easily and does not cause stress to the patient. Non-ivasive samples, such as saliva, sweat or exhaled breath condensate can serve as pools of selected biomarkers used to diagnose various disease conditions. For instance use of exhaled breath condensate samples the microdroplets of alveolar lining fluid that can contain information on the lung status. Recently there is an increased interest in the use of exosomes, that are in all bodily fluids including the non-invasive samples and carry along significant information. The use of highly selective microcolumn separation methods coupled to MS allow screening for these biomarkers in selected body fluid samples. The research of this PhD. topic will focus on developemnt of highly selective methods for isolation and analysis of various body samples, with emphasis on noninvasive samples and targeting biomarkers for disease daignostics and monitoring.

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