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Výzkumná skupina Karla Říhy

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Telefon: +420 54949 7836

Research areas

  • Telomeres and genome stability
  • Regulation of meiosis
  • Role of RNA decay in genome regulation

Main objectives

  • Deciphering mechanisms of chromosome end protection
  • Understanding regulatory pathways that define the meiotic mode of chromosome segregation and application of this knowledge in plant breeding
  • Investigating non-canonical functions of the proteins involved in nonsense mediated RNA decay  

Content of research

We study processes governing genome stability and chromosome segregation. Our research aims to decipher the molecular mechanisms that stabilize and protect chromosome ends, called telomeres, from being perceived by the cell as DNA damage. We also investigate the regulatory pathways that define meiosis, the cell division necessary for sexual reproduction and the generation of haploid gametes.

Telomeres form the ends of eukaryotic chromosomes and are important for the complete replication of linear genomes and for chromosome stability. We found that the opposite ends of a chromosome adopt different end protective structures, the formation of which is dictated by the mode of DNA replication. Furthermore, we discovered a fundamentally novel mechanism of chromosome end protection that relies on the evolutionary conserved DNA repair complex Ku. In our current research we aim to understand how Ku mediates protection of these telomeres without triggering a DNA repair reaction. In our meiotic research we aim to delineate pathways involved in remodelling of the cell cycle machinery to enable the meiotic mode of chromosome segregation. We have identified Arabidopsis meiotic cyclins and revealed their contribution to diverse meiotic processes. Furthermore, we have discovered a genetic module, consisting of SMG7 and TDM1 that inhibits meiotic CDKs and facilitates the transition from meiosis to mitosis. Our current work is directed towards a molecular understanding of the SMG7/TDM1 function and characterization of additional genes involved in meiotic progression.

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Albert Cairo Cairo Calzada, Ph.D.
Odborný pracovník ve výzkumu - postdoc
Mgr. Jaroslav Fulneček, CSc.
Vedoucí výzkumný pracovník
+420 54949 7846
Ing. Pavlína Mikulková, Ph.D.
Odborná pracovnice
+420 54949 7844
Sorin Tanasa
Odborný pracovník - PhD student
Mgr. Bc. Soňa Valuchová, Ph.D.
Odborná pracovnice ve výzkumu - postdoc
Vivek Kumar Raxwal, Ph.D.
Odborný pracovník ve výzkumu - postdoc
Mgr. Anna Vargová, Ph.D.
Odborná pracovnice ve výzkumu - postdoc
Bc. Kristýna Tučková
Mgr. Karel Říha, Ph.D.
Zástupce ředitele pro vědu a výzkum; Vedoucí výzkumné skupiny
+420 54949 7836
MVDr. Martin Anger, CSc.
Vedoucí sdílené laboratoře
Ing. Jana Pečinková
Allan West, Ph.D.
Neha Shukla, Ph.D.
Darya Volkava



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  • PONTVIANNE, F; BLEVINS, T; CHANDRASEKHARA, C; MOZGOVA, I; HASSEL, C; PONTES, OMF; TUCKER, S; MOKROS, P; MUCHOVA, V; FAJKUS, J; PIKAARD, CS, 2013:Subnuclear partitioning of rRNA genes between the nucleolus and nucleoplasm reflects alternative epiallelic states. GENES & DEVELOPMENT 27 (14), p. 1545 - 1550.


  • BULANKOVA, P; RIEHS-KEARNAN, N; NOWACK, MK; SCHNITTGER, A; RIHA, K, 2010:Meiotic Progression in Arabidopsis Is Governed by Complex Regulatory Interactions between SMG7, TDM1, and the Meiosis I-Specific Cyclin TAM. PLANT CELL 22 (11), p. 3791 - 3803.

1. Functional analysis of genes regulating chromosome segregation and stability

Supervisor: Mgr. Karel Říha, Ph.D.


We performed a forward genetic screen that led to identification of a number of novel genes with a putative role in meiosis.  A major aim of this project is to perform in depth functional analysis of promising candidate genes by using biochemical, genetic, genomic and cell biology approaches.   

2. Live imaging of plant meiosis and its application in dissecting gem-line differentiation

Supervisor: Mgr. Karel Říha, Ph.D.


A goal of this project is to develop a microscopy technique that will allow monitorng progression of meiosis by using time laps microscopy. The method will be applied to analyze various aspects of germ-line differentiation.

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