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Chytré nanonástroje - Jaromír Hubálek

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Telefon: +420 54114 9255, +420 54114 6195

Research areas

  • Miniaturized systems (Modern electrochemical methods employing nanoelectrodes and nanopotentiostats, and other systems on a chip based on a physical transducer such as MEMS, Lab on a chip )
  • Nanostructures and nanoparticles (synthesis of nanodots, magnetic nanoparticles and modification of their surfaces for barcoding and targeted bioconjugation, nanostructured surfaces for advanced applications)
  • Nanomedicine (for diagnostics and drug delivery, in vivo imaging techniques and targeted therapy of serious diseases, molecular biology profiling of patients with tumor diseases)
  • Nanomachinery, nanorobots and nanotransporters (3D printing, molecular synthesis, liposomes, apoferritin, viral vectors)

Main objectives

Research and development of smart nanodevices

We focus on several areas of research covering modern electrochemical methods, synthesis of nanometrials such as quantum dots and magnetic nanoparticles, nanomedicine and targeted therapy as well as miniaturized devices for sensing and electronics including nonoelectrodes, nanopotentiostats, MEMS and Lab on a Chip. Moreover the application of 3D printing in nanotechnology and nanomedicine is at the centre of our interest. Finally, development of methods, techniques and technology for implementation of outputs into advance nanodevices and nanoprobes for electronics, nanomedicine and drug delivery is the main goal.

Content of research

Research and development of smart nanodevices

Development of more complex systems, both electrical and electromechanical (MEMS/NEMS) with applications in sensing, diagnostics, etc.

Miniaturized systems

The area of electrochemical analysis is a well-established group of techniques employed in our laboratory. The expertise covers a wide range of electrochemical techniques. The research in this area focusses on the utilization of different types of electrodes. Electrode modification by nanomaterials such as carbon nanotubes and nanoparticles as well as by biomolecules (peptides, proteins and nucleic acids) has been investigated. The miniaturized devices with nanoelectrodes, nanopotentiostats, and electrode array as well as microfluidic systems are the cornerstones in creating the Lab-on-chip concept. Using of flow injection analysis coupled with the robotic platform, “Orpheus”, is also of interest to us. Our research focusses on
micro-hotplates for chemical sensing, BioMEMS and Optical-MEMS. The main attention is paid to the investigation of nanostructured materials and to their characterization with respect to the application in designing and fabrication of MEMS sensors. Positive and negative (nano-)lithography, wet and dry etching processes as well as vapor depositions will be used in fabrication. MEMS systems for advanced fluidic system integrated together with electronic detectors (lab-on chip concept) will be developed. Systems will be also improved for in-vivo and in-vitro analysis of biologically interesting substances. The work will likewise include protective layers on chips for medical applications to achieve biocompatibility and to prevent negative interaction of the system (chip) with living substances/tissues of the organism.

Nanostructures and nanoparticles

Synthesis of quantum dots and magnetic nanoparticles and modification of their surface for barcoding and targeted bioconjugation.

We focus on nanomaterials such as magnetic nanoparticles and/or semiconductor nanocrystals. Magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) are employed as an effective and versatile tool for the isolation of analytes (nucleic acids, proteins, virus, bacteria and cell) to improve significantly their detectability and simplify the process of analyte identification. Surface modification of MNPs by specific antibodies as well as versatile bioconjugation via streptavidin-biotin technology is employed to extract analytes from complex biological samples. Quantum dots (QDs), the modern fluorescent labels, with outstanding physico-chemical such as broad excitation and sharp emission spectrum, high quantum yield and low photobleaching are utilized as fluorescent tags. The wide range of materials available for QDs synthesis makes it possible to tailor properties to a specific application. Moreover, the rapid and simple preparation of QDs by microwave synthesis has been optimized. Surface modification and bioconjugation of QDs with a number of biologically active molecules and subsequent characterization by bioanalytical methods such as gel electrophoresis, capillary zone electrophoresis and/or fluorescent imaging provide a strong foundation for the investigation of benefits provided by nanomaterials.

Nanostructured surface strategy derives benefit from the very large surface areas of nanoparticles in comparison with their volumes. These advanced surfaces are advantageously used for catalytic applications, hydrophobic layers, electronics devices such as integrated electrolytic capacitors and bolometers, and nanosensing arrays. Mainly non-lithographic methods are employed in the fabrication of the surfaces bringing low-cost devices. The aspect ratio of the nanostructures can be easily tuned and nanodots, nanocolumns or nanowires can be prepared. The characteristics of such devices are set for optical, chemical, electrochemical, or mechanical properties. Template-based technology was developed and modifications of this technology are under investigation for several applications. Devices with quantum nanodots and their modifications such as biosensing arrays will be developed; also new electrolytic capacitors with film electrodes will be improved. Nanocolumns electrodes for biosensing are also investigated.

Nanomedicine for diagnostics

Nanomedicine focusses on the medical applications of nanomaterials both diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Nanocarriers for drug delivery including liposome, apoferritin and nanoparticles are employed in the transport and selective release of cytostatic drugs like platinum based ones including cisplatin, carbopaltin and oxaliplatin or doxorubicin, epirubicin and/or ellipticine. The coupling of these nanocarriers to magnetic nanoparticles via streptavidin-biotin linkage enables their targeted delivery into the cells by magnetofection. On the other hand, specifically modified quantum dots (QDs) are used for diagnostic and targeting purposes. The surfaces of the QDs are modified using antibodies and/or oligonucleotide fragments to ensure the specific interaction with targeted molecule and, therefore, effective fluorescent labelling. As an excellent tool for investigating and monitoring of transport labelled molecules through the living organism, the in vivo imaging system is used providing sensitive fluorescence based imaging coupled to high resolution X-ray modality. This system connected to inhalation anesthetic unit enables sensitive and careful handling of small animals.

Molecular biology profiling of patients with tumor diseases

Metallomics as a new interdisciplinary science arising from the growing need for knowledge of metals in the biochemistry of organisms is of great interest to us. In the field of metallomics studies, we mainly focus on protein metallothionein and its participation in various types of diseases. Particularly, its connection with tumors and neurodegenerative diseases due to its function as maintainer of metal ions metabolism is the most important one. Further, we study other metal-binding proteins including matrix metalloproteinases, prions, protein p53, zinc transporters (ZIP) and prostate specific antigen. Aside from proteins, we also focus our attention on the metabolism of metal ions such as zinc, copper and iron during various diseases. Metal-based drugs are also of interest to us.

Nanomachinery, nanorobots and nanotransporters

The suggested technologies (3D printing, molecular synthesis, liposomes, apoferritin, viral vectors) are aimed at preparing specific and smart tools for imaging and treatment assay. 3D printing enables the suggestion of suitable materials for targeted treatment of cell cultures. Nanocarriers are prepared for the application of the selected molecules into target organs and tissues. Besides these, modern techniques of molecular biology are used enabling us to modify viral particles for nanotechnological purposes.

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  • Podpora rozvoje kvalitních týmů výzkumu a vývoje v oblasti materiálových věd (CZ.1.07/2.3.00/20.0029), MEYS - OP Education for Competiteveness, 2011 - 2014
  • Nano-Electro-Bio-Tools for Biochemical and Molecularly-Biological Studies of Eukaryotic Cells (NanoBioTECell) (GAP102/11/1068), Czech Science Foundation - Standard Grants, 2011 - 2015
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  • Mezinárodní spolupráce v oblasti "in vivo" zobrazovacích technik (CZ.1.07/2.3.00/20.0148), MEYS - OP Education for Competiteveness, 2012 - 2014
  • Partnerská síť centra excelentního bionanotechnologického výzkumu (CZ.1.07/2.4.00/31.0023), MEYS - OP Education for Competiteveness, 2012 - 2014
  • Nové konstrukce a využití nanobiosenzorů a nanosenzorů v medicíně (KAN208130801), Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic - Nanotechnologies for Society, 2008 - 2012


Clean rooms (3 µm photolithography, CVD wet oxidation, P and B diffusion from targets, magnetron sputtering of standard metals, wire bonding, FIB for nanofabrication), non-clean room facility (magnetron sputtering of special materials, thermal evaporator, profilometer, laser dicing, SEM with low vacuum analysis, EDX/WDX detectors a nanolithography in near field, chip prober with analyzer of electrical properties). In vivo imaging system with 3D analysis technology (drug delivery and cancer diagnostics), fluorescence microscope with microelectrochemical measurement technology in single cell (uncial electrochemical methods, drug effect and cell biology), fluorimeter (fluorescence of QDs, peptide, protein and DNA interaction with anticancer drugs), automatic and manual spectrometers (characterization QDs, peptide, protein and DNA interaction with anticancer drugs, interaction QDs with biomolecules), spectrophotometric analysers (metallomic analysis in biological samples, heavy metals interaction with biomolecules), capillary electrophoresis with UV/Vis, electrochemical and laser-induced fluorescence detection (nanotransportes, characterization of nanotransporters, drug analysis, interaction study), liquid chromatography (ionex chromatography biological important low molecules, sephadex chromatography for protein isolation and nano liquid chromatography for  eptide analysis , mass spectrometers (MALDI ultrafleXtrem for clinical and applied proteomics applications, ESI-Qq-TOF for molecular formula determinations and exact mass measurements), electrochemical analyzers (automatic electrochemical analyzer for protein and heavy metals detection, adsorptive transfer stripping analysis nucleic acids, testing of screen printed electrode with nanofabrication working electrode, electrochemical scanning microscope (analysis DNA or RNA on surface electrode).

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