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Researcher ID
Telefon: +420 54114 9888, +420 604 229 558
Mobil: +420 604 229 558
Zástupce vedoucího výzkumné skupiny
Researcher ID
Telefon: +420 54114 6480, +420 54114 6480
E-mail: ,
Adresa: Technická 12, 616 00 Brno

Research areas

  • Smart sensors and signal processing, sensors design using new materials
  • Advanced control technologies, electrical actuators control
  • Mobile robotic systems, reconnaissance robotics, telepresence
  • Embedded systems and communication technologies

Main objectives

  • Development of novel sensors, control and communication technologies
  • Development of advanced reconnaissance mobile robotic system equipped with novel chemical, biological and nuclear sensors
  • Application of new materials and technologies in sensors, actuators and robotic systems
  • Development of control systems and instrumentation for research and production of new materials

Content of research

Advanced control, sensors and communication technologies are key components of many industrial systems. Current progress in development of these technologies enables new possibilities of practical applications of new results of other research fields including advanced materials.

Research of advanced control technologies is aimed to energy optimal, safe and reliable control of robotics systems and technological processes. Special attention is paid to advanced control of electrical drives with applications in precise servo-drives in robotics, technological processes, actuators and ecological transportation systems. In the sensors field the research deals with the development of special smart sensors and power harvesting devices. The main goal is the application of advanced materials and new methods of signal processing, especially for data fusion, signal processing of sensor arrays, autocalibration and autodiagnostics. Special attention is paid to acoustic and vibration sensors and acoustic emission transducers. Interests in embedded systems include development of communication interfaces for special instrumentation including smart sensors and actuators; the design of new solutions for distributed data acquisition and data fusion; the development of special electronics for technological processes. Reconnaissance mobile robotic systems for special environments are being developed. The systems are to work in hazardous environments, such as areas with chemical, nuclear and biological contamination. Due to the nature of these environmental conditions, the systems use special materials to be able to withstand massive contamination, decontamination processes, and to decrease their detectability. Smart sensors are used on-board the robots to enhance their functionality.


Selected projects of the group:


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Ing. Mustafa Osman Elrayah Aboelhassan, Ph.D.
Junior researcher
+420 54114 9824
prof. Ing. Pavel Václavek, Ph.D.
Senior researcher
+420 54114 9888, +420 604 229 558
doc. Ing. Radek Kuchta, Ph.D.
Senior researcher
+420 54114 6193
Ing. Stanislav Klusáček, Ph.D.
Junior researcher
+420 54114 6433
Ing. Lukáš Pohl, Ph.D.
Junior researcher
+420 54114 9823
Lenka Petrová
Administrativní pracovnice
+420 54114 6411
Mgr. Josef Rebenda, Ph.D.
Junior researcher
+420 54114 3293
prof. Ing. Radimír Vrba, CSc.
+420 54114 9696
prof. Ing. Petr Vavřín, DrSc.
Senior researcher
+420 54114 6419, +420 54114 5452
Ing. Soběslav Valach
Junior researcher
+420 54114 6476
doc. RNDr. Zdeněk Šmarda, CSc.
Senior researcher
+420 54114 3217, +420 54114 3219
prof. Ing. Luděk Žalud, Ph.D.
Senior researcher
+420 54114 9820
Ing. Libor Veselý, Ph.D.
Junior researcher
+420 54114 9823
doc. Ing. Petr Blaha, Ph.D.
Senior researcher
+420 54114 9821
doc. Ing. Zdeněk Bradáč, Ph.D.
Senior researcher
+420 54114 9840
Ing. František Burian, Ph.D.
Junior researcher
+420 54114 9865, +420 608 236 570
Ing. Jakub Dokoupil, Ph.D.
Junior researcher
+420 54114 9825
doc. Ing. Petr Fiedler, Ph.D.
Senior researcher
+420 54114 6480, +420 54114 6480
Ing. Zdeněk Havránek, Ph.D.
Junior researcher
+420 54114 9839
Ing. Tomáš Jílek
Junior researcher
+420 54114 9866
prof. Ing. Pavel Jura, CSc.
Senior researcher
+420 54114 6420, +420 54114 6420
Ing. Václav Kaczmarczyk, Ph.D.
Technický pracovník pro výzkum a vývoj
+420 54114 6395
doc. Ing. Jaroslav Kadlec, Ph.D.
Senior researcher
+420 54114 6173
Ing. Lukáš Otava
Technický pracovník
+420 54114 9847, +420 726 816 454
Ing. Milan Papež
Ph.D. student
+420 54114 6466, +420 726 816 466
Mgr. Martin Tůma
Ph.D. student
+420 54114 6475, +420 726 816 475
Jan Vodička
Technický pracovník
+420 54114 6468, +420 726 816 468
Mgr. Jan Čupera
Technický pracovník - příprava spojů kov/kov
Mgr. Petra Langerová
technický pracovník ve výzkumu
Bc. Michal Skalský
Technický pracovník pro zkoušky senzorů
doc. Ing. Radek Vlach, Ph.D.
Senior researcher
Ing. Jan Glos
Technický pracovník
+420 54114 9847
prof. Ing. František Šolc, CSc.
Výzkumný pracovník senior
Ing. Tomáš Macho, PhD.
Výzkumný pracovník junior
doc. Ing. Radomil Matoušek, Ph.D.
Senior researcher
Ing. Petr Petyovský, Ph.D.
Technický pracovník - specialista pro embedded systémy
Ing. Luděk Buchta
Ph.D. student
+420 54114 9846, +420 54114 1148
prof. RNDr. Josef Diblík, DrSc.
Senior researcher
+420 54114 3340, +420 54114 7618
Ing. Jiří Fialka, Ph.D.
junior researcher
+420 54114 6471, +420 54114 1122
Mgr. Jiří Vítovec, Ph.D.
Junior researcher
+420 54114 3134
Ing. Matúš Kozovský
Technický pracovník - specialista pro vývoj SW
+420 54114 9845
Ing. Tomáš Lázna
technický pracovník - student
doc. Ing. Vít Jan, Ph.D.
Senior researcher
+420 54114 3187
Ing. Adam Chromý
Ph.D. student
+420 54114 9841, +420 54114 6479
Ing. Lukáš Kopečný, Ph.D.
Junior researcher
+420 54114 9822
Mgr. Přemysl Dohnal
Technický pracovník ve výzkumu
RNDr. Zdeněk Svoboda, CSc.
Výzkumný pracovník junior
Ing. Petra Kalvodová, Ph.D.
Junior researcher
Ing. Petr Gábrlík
Ph.D. student
+420 54114 9865
RNDr. Pavel Dobis, CSc.
Technický pracovník ve výzkumu
Ing. Ondřej Bartík
Technický pracovník - student
Ing. Karel Horák, Ph.D.
Junior researcher - specialista pro počítačové vidění
Mgr. Jana Kopecká
Technický pracovník ve výzkumu
doc.RNDr. Jaromír Baštinec, CSc.
Senior researcher
Ing Jan Chalupa
technický pracovník ve výzkumu
Ing. Miroslav Jirgl, Ph.D.
junior výzkumný pracovník low-power zařízení
Mgr. Zdeňka Kuchtová
technický pracovník ve výzkumu
Ing. Petr Pšenčík
Ph.D. student
Mgr. Olga Vallová
Ph.D. student
doc.Ing. Petr Beneš, Ph.D.
vědec senior
Ing. Stanislav Pikula
technický pracovník pro vývoj software
Ing. Martin Čala
Technický pracovník - specialista pro aplikace vibrodiagnostických metod
Ing. Martin Doseděl
Technický pracovník - specialista vývoje vibrodiagnostického systému
Ing. Jakub Arm
technický praconvík - specialista elektronických obvodů
Mgr. Lucie Kuljovská
manažerka mezinárodních projektů
+420 54114 9879
Martin Bařinka
technický pracovník - student
Ing. Adam Ligocki
výzkumný pracovník - student Ph.D.



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  • Kapacitní senzory tlaku využívající spojení keramika-kov-keramika (TH01011212), EPSILON, 2015 - 2018
  • Systém pro automatickou/automatizovanou detekci/monitorování radiační situace a lokalizaci horkých zón, založený na inteligentní multifunkční detekční hlavě použitelné pro stacionární a mobilní platformy vč. bezobslužných. (TH01020862), EPSILON, 2015 - 2017
  • Budování a rozvoj vědecko-výzkumné spolupráce s výzkumnými a průmyslovými partnery (CZ.1.07/2.4.00/17.0006), MEYS - OP Education for Competiteveness, 2011 - 2014
  • Nanoelectronics for electric vehicle intelligent failsafe power train (270693), FP7 - Joint Technology Initiative, 2011 - 2014
  • Cabin noise reduction by experimental and numerical design optimization (30814), FP6, 2006 - 2009
  • ARTEMIS IOE – Internet of energy for electric mobility (269374), FP7 - Joint Technology Initiative, 2011 - 2014
  • Elektrická řídicí jednotka orientovaná na proces pro elektrická vozidla vyvíjená na multisystémové platformě pracující v reálném čase (7H10005), FP7 - Joint Technology Initiative, 2010 - 2013


The Electrical Drives Laboratory is equipped with a 5kVA 3-ph arbitrary waveform programmable power supply; DC to 3GHz spectrum analyser; 6-channel wattmeter; 1 GHz Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Tektronix MSO4104B – design and performance assessment of advanced control algorithms and systems for small AC drives; software for the simulation of dynamic and discrete event systems, design and validation of advanced control algorithms.

The Laboratory of Sensors and Measurement is equipped with a microphone array and a set of acoustic sensors for acoustic holography for noise source identification; PXI multichannel measuring equipment for signal processing and data acquisition; and a Precision laser vibrometer and climatic test chamber for sensor calibration and testing.

The Laboratory of Telepresence and Mobile Robotics is equipped to be able to develop small and mid-sized mobile robot prototypes, as well as do research in reconnaissance robotics, mapping and navigation, telepresence, and special sensor applications. The key equipment includes various 2D and 3D optical scanners: Velodyne HDL-64E, Velodyne HDL-32E, Swissranger SR4000, SICK 2D lidars; an iMAR iTraceRT-F400-E high performance INS/GNSS with FOG and RTK; 3x Trimble BX982 RTK GNSS – 1x Base station, 2x rover; Thermal imagers, CCD cameras; and an EPSON C3 industrial manipulator.

The Laboratory of Special Electronics and Commuications is equipped with a Digital Signal Analyzer – 8 GHz, 40 GSa/s, 4 Ch, 50M memory; an Infiniium MSO – 1 GHz, 10/20 GSa/s, 4+16 Ch; a Probe Amplifier – InfiniiMax II, 10 GHz; a 2-Channel 30 MHz Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator; an MXA Signal Analyzer; a PXA Signal Analyzer; an ENA Series Network analyzer; and a 3.35 GHz 1-channel Pulse-/ Pattern Generator.


Electrical drive laboratory equipped with a 5kVA 3-ph arbitrary waveform programmable power supply, DC to 3GHz spectrum analyser, 6-channel wattmeter – design and performance assessment of advanced control algorithms and systems for small AC drives; software for the simulation of dynamical and discrete event systems, design and validation of advanced control algorithms.

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