Electron Microscopy Specialist

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Cryo-electron microscopy and tomography Core Facility CEITEC MU is seeking electron microscopy specialist to support an operation of our state-of-the-art instrumentation. The facility includes Titan Krios (equipped with Volta phase plate, Falcon3, post-GIF K2), Talos Arctica (to be installed in summer 2018), Tecnai F20, Versa3D small dual beam instrument, and additional instrumentation for sample preparation. The primary focus of the facility is to support single particle analysis, cryo-electron tomography, and FIB lamella micromachining studies. Our new team member will be responsible for oversight and maintenance of microscopes, training of new users, and assistance with sample preparation and data collection. The electron microscopy specialist will have an opportunity to advance his expertise in cryo-electron microscopy and grow professionally within the research environment of CEITEC Masaryk University.

Responsibilities (together with other team members):

  • maintenance and tuning of electron microscopes, communication with service engineers to ensure optimal performance of the microscopes
  • maintenance of sample preparation equipment (Vitrobot, plasma cleaner, sputter coater, etc.)
  • training new user for data collection
  • evaluation of the quality of data obtained by users
  • optimization of sample preparation for (cryo-)electron microscopy and data collection for external users
  • implementation of new protocols and methodologies to enhance the services provided at the core facility

Desired qualifications:

  • BA, MA or Ph.D. in biochemistry, biophysics, structural biology, bioengineering or related
  • excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • understanding of principles of electron microscopy and experience in cryo-EM are advantageous


We are seeking for a colleague who will be motivated to maintain state-of-the-art electron microscopy instrumentation and will be excited about interaction with researchers at all levels. Salary will be competitive and depend on qualifications of the candidate. To apply, send your CV and a cover letter to jiri.novacek@ceitec.muni.cz.

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