Ph.D. Student Position

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Ph.D. Student Position

The role of cytokinin-inducible EXPANSINs in the control of cell wall properties and development in Arabidopsis

In our lab we are interested in the study of plant hormonal signaling pathways, particularly cytokinins (CKs) in the development of model plant Arabidopsis thaliana (1-4), for more details see here. Our recent preliminary data suggest an important role for CK-regulated genes, namely EXPANSINs, in the control of cell wall (CW) properties. Besides CW critical developmental importance in plants, CW-based biomaterials are exploited in diverse human activities and have high application potential as a source of sustainable and renewable energy for the future. The aim of the project is to investigate a novel role for CKs in the regulation of CW composition and structure during CK-controlled cell differentiation. We hypothesize that CKs control cell differentiation via regulation of biomechanical properties of the CW.


As an important part of the project we will employ the CRISPR-Cas9 gene-editing technology and brand-new optical method, Brillouin imaging, developed for the non-invasive measurement of biomechanical CW properties (5).

Supervisor: Dr. Marketa Samalova (SoMoPro fellow at CEITEC)

Co-supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Jan Hejátko, Ph.D.

We offer: Experimental work on own project with the possibility of publication in top-ranked international journals, friendly lab staff, world-class equipment, attractive environment of novel university campus, help with both intellectual and practical problems, competitive salary corresponding to the work efficiency. The position is available from September 2018.

We expect: Highly motivated, ambitious candidates with interest in molecular biology and plants.

Contact and further info: +420 5 4949 8476,;



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Začátek: September 2018
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