Ph.D. Student

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Ph.D. Student 

Multistep Phosphorelay Signaling in Crop Stress Response

In our lab we are interested in the study of plant hormonal signaling pathways, particularly cytokinins (CKs) in the development of model plant Arabidopsis thaliana (1-4), for more details see here. Published evidence suggest importance of cytokinins in the abiotic stress response (5). In our previous work, we have identified cytokinin receptors in Brassica napus (oil-seed rape) (6). The goal of the thesis is to determine i) missing members of multistep phosphorelay (MSP) pathway in oil-seed rape,  ii) describe natural variability in the individual members of the MSP signaling both in Arabidopsis and oil-seed rape , iii) identify the role of individual variants in the MSP  signal transduction and draught response and iv) improve crop drought resistance via CRISPR-Cas9 targeted genome editing. The work will include applying bioinformatics, molecular biology, genomics, advanced microscopy and phenotyping approaches. Phenotyping will be performed in a collaboration with Photon Systems Instruments, Ltd. employing their PlantScreenTM phenotyping platform.  

Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Jan Hejátko, Ph.D.


We offer

  • Experimental work on own project with the possibility of publication in top-ranked international journals
  • Friendly lab staff, world-class equipment, attractive environment of novel university campus, help with both intellectual and practical problems
  • Competitive salary corresponding to the work efficiency


We expect

  • Excellent Master degree in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, or related fields; own publication record is advantageous
  • High motivation to perform creative basic research
  • Candidates should be team players, have good communication skills and good knowledge of the English language

The position is available from September 2018.

Contact and further info: +420 5 4949 4165,



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6. Kuderova, A., et al. (2015). Journal of Experimental Botany 66, 339-353.

Začátek: September 2018
Otevřeno do: 17.8.2018

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